Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2

Date added: 12/12/2017

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Baby Hazel is excited to spend time with her newborn brother, Baby Matt. Let's join Hazel at gogi com and help her in taking care of Matt and keep him happy by fulfilling all his needs. Enjoy a day out shopping with Hazel and help her buy nice-looking outfits and accessories and some cute toys for Matt. Then go along with Hazel and family on a picnic and enjoy lots of fun activities, play on swings and feast on yummy treats. Also help Baby Hazel to introduce her newborn brother to her friends.

Baby Hazel wants to be a good sister. As she is too young to do all the tasks on her own, she needs your help. Help her in setting up the crib for Matt and look after all his needs. Go shopping with Hazel to buy new toys and nice-looking outfits and accessories for the newborn baby. Enjoy a day out picnic with Hazel and family and help her to introduce Matt to her friends. Have lots of fun with siblings in this fun-filled baby care game at gogy exciting games.

Life is beautiful! Baby Hazel and her parents are on cloud nine since new inclusion to their family. Today, mom is returning home from the hospital and Baby Hazel is eagerly waiting to spend time and play with her newborn brother, Baby Matt. 

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Controls: Use the mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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