Cyber Chaser

Cyber Chaser

Date added: 12/09/2017

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Cyber Chaser is a shooting / upgrades game which is playable juegos similares de golgi! Its strength lies in its very long replay value and its finely proportioned difficulty. Run, jump, duck and shoot in this super addictive runner. Complete missions, unlock weapons and purchase an array of upgrades.


The game offers no less than 30 upgrades. Each with several levels, 40 levels of experience that you will climb by making a hundred quests and finally 20 challenges which require a lot of skill. In short, Cyber Chaser free game at gogy play online is extremely addictive and once you'll have tasted this action game, you'll not be able to stop playing for many hours of pleasure. 


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Game controls:


Press Up or Click to jump

Press Up or Click in midair to double jump

Press down or Space to slide

Press down or Space in midair to stomp attack

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