Raze 3

Raze 3

Date added: 11/09/2017

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Raze 3 is an awesome futuristic shooting game which is playable gogy new games. Arm yourself with weapons to fight aliens, robots, zombies and blast other enemies. Don't forget to upgrade your warrior as you try to save the planet. Enjoy Raze 3!


10 Years ago the Alien invasion left earth in ashes. Humanity began building civilizations in the skies while repairs continue on the ground. The military devised Express Training Programs too quickly and cheaply train soldiers. Strength in numbers. This is where the story of Raze 3 begins... As in the previous 2 editions of the series, Raze 3 lets you fight all kinds of enemies: aliens, robots, and even zombies. Collect weapons and fight them as hard as you can in this futuristic action game. Have fun with gogy 4 schools!


Once you have saved the earth, its destiny is in your hands! Engage in fight and save our planet from Aliens and Zombies invasion. New locations, over 50 weapons, 24 characters to choose or fight, 2 campaigns and 30 stages await for the most zealous Raze fans. Don’t get killed too quick!


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Game controls:


WASD keys to move your character

Mouse to aim your weapon

Left click to shoot your weapon

{1-0 keys to toggle through weapons

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